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Fundraising appeal targets people facing extreme vulnerability

GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM) has launched a major fundraising appeal – Stand With Myanmar – to provide immediate support to people in Myanmar facing extreme vulnerability during this time of crisis.

GWM has been a consistent and active presence in Myanmar since 2004, and our team in Myanmar continues to share first-hand and real-time knowledge of what’s happening to ensure support is grounded in what matters most to local communities.

GWM’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Simmons, says the crisis has been exacerbated by the rapid decline in aid to Myanmar.

“Major public and private donors are pulling out or pausing activities and financial support due to the difficulties of working amid the current conditions,” Peter said.

“While understandable, the huge reduction in support is clashing with the huge increase in need – and we firmly believe now is the time to stand with Myanmar’s people,” he said.

GWM knows how to work in challenging conditions and has successfully done so in Myanmar before.

Following extensive work behind the scenes over the past few months, GWM has proven methods for getting funds to our team, and keeping them as safe as possible while distributing that support.

“We will stand with Myanmar in three stages: respond, recover and rebuild,” Peter said.

“Our respond phase is focused on emergency humanitarian aid, directing funds to basic provisions like food, cooking oil, clean water and clothing; health needs like medicine; and shelter and protection in safe zones for those in hiding,” he said.

“Our recover and rebuild phases will start as soon as conditions allow.”

GWM’s community development approach means we are poised to rapidly empower community-led efforts as opportunities open.

In the immediate, funds raised will be directed to the cities and regional towns where the military is most active, made possible through GWM’s alumni community development villages and facilitators who are spread across the country.

Funds will be used for a combination of humanitarian aid and development purposes, based on specific community needs.

When combined with our grant funding, on average, 85% of all funds go directly into the field and, importantly, 15% to our ongoing running and the considerable behind-the-scenes work required to deliver effective support. This balance is vital to ensure the right strategy, skills and operating capabilities guide sustainable work, where it matters most.

We stand with Myanmar and invite you to join us in that effort. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. To donate, please visit our website at


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