Policies & reports



GraceWorks Myanmar's (GWM) policies provide a detailed understanding of how we work and the principles that underpin that work.


GWM Privacy Policy


GWM Child Protection Policy


GWM Conflict of Interest Policy


GWM Development vs Non-Development Activities Policy


GWM Complaints and Whistle Blowing Policy


GWM Communications and Media Policy




GraceWorks Myanmar Inc, Rules of Association


GraceWorks Audited Association Report (30 June 2017)


Annual reports


Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Report 2016-17

Annual Report 2015-16

We welcome questions and feedback from all stakeholders including in relation to serious matters such as incidents, complaints or misconduct. There are numerous ways people can get in touch with GWM and our policies further outline specific avenues available to ensure the transparent, responsible management of information.