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Cherish the memories: influence the future

Life is full of twists and turns with new and challenging opportunities to influence and invest our time, our talents and resources to bring change through broader perspectives and brighter ideas.

This is the story of an idea, a thought that became an inspiration that travelled beyond the borders of convention, where curiosity became the starting place for a journey that changed a community forever.

It is a short boat ride across the river from the metropolis that is Yangon (formerly Rangoon) where life stands still, seemingly forever, locked in a culture and lifestyle that is steeped in generational poverty.

Marginalised communities have been robbed of the most basic of human rights: running water, health services, decent shelter and fair education. Food is scarce; many having one meal a day and often succumbing to simple ailments such as a cold, with little if any medication available.

With no government support and prohibitive restrictions placed on NGO’s by local authorities, the outlook was bleak and uninviting for outsiders to influence.

From a little shelter where GWM had established a presence with our local partner, an opportunity to purchase a small plot of land became available. Finance was not readily accessible as funds were exhausted and only a miracle could facilitate the purchase of the land.

It was through the simple principle of sowing a seed that a generous GWM supporter, who

through his curiosity and imagination, was visiting the community the day the land became available and decided this was his opportunity to influence and invest.

The story begins with this seed of imagination but as the land was secured another miracle was sought to construct an appropriate building to facilitate health care and community gatherings.

The Australian Embassy embraced the vision and, through a generous grant (direct aid program – ‘DAP’), the building became a reality.

Regular health clinics by visiting teams provide an opportunity for this community to find a place of refuge for their children and now one of the most basic human rights can be delivered with dignity and respect as the value of human life is restored.

The next stage of development for the centre is to provide the clinic with essential medical equipment, which at this stage has no infrastructure due to lack of funds.


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