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Welcome to GWM

GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM) is a community development organisation. We partner with local organisations and individuals who are working in communities, helping them achieve improvement and sustainability in their quality of life, while building their capacity.


Through village-led peace and development, education, health and livelihoods initiatives, we invest in practical, grassroots programs and projects. In our community development education and peacebuilding programs, we are contributing to a world-first body of knowledge and practice. We primarily exist to serve people in Myanmar who experience poverty, vulnerability and marginalisation, with a heavy focus on community-level work, supporting them in gaining the freedoms and capacity to achieve the life they desire.


We emphasise building capacity and long-term relationships with local partners to play our role in empowering people in Myanmar to achieve sustainable development. Our operations build on nearly two decades of working with local communities.

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As a community development organisation, our focus is partnering with local organisations and individuals working in communities to help them achieve improvement and sustainability in their quality of life. 

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Through empowerment and capacity building, individuals and communities are better able to solve their own problems, primarily with resources they can access themselves, by developing new understanding and skills.

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GWM’s work in everyday peacebuilding is ground-breaking and world-leading. This includes the training and equipping of village leaders as ‘everyday peacemakers’ and the use of participatory arts activities.

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