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Emergency village care packs provide vital relief

The emergency village care pack initiative launched by GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM) in early October 2021 has already begun to provide vital relief via basic emergency supplies to families experiencing extreme vulnerability and poverty in Myanmar.

Early donations have been converted into more than 60 care packs for families in Rakhine State, one of the poorest and most conflict-laden regions in Myanmar, and in Yangon, the most populated city with heightened risks from the coup and COVID-19.

Those initial care packs have already supported more than 400 people.

Reports from the GWM team in Myanmar have confirmed that the families supported have been unable to easily afford basic supplies to meet their needs, especially during this unprecedented season. The care packs have provided much-needed humanitarian aid.

The initiative has also given GWM team members a welcome opportunity to provide practical help at a difficult time through an initiative that maximises their own safety.

GWM’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Simmons, says it’s essential the international community does not forget the people of Myanmar.

“We’ve already seen a significant reduction in media attention on the crisis – even though it’s actually becoming more entrenched and, in some cases, with worse consequences,” Peter said.

Care packs are being tailored to family sizes and needs, always focused on supporting basic nutrition and health through goods such as rice, cooking oil, potatoes, face masks, hand sanitiser and more.

On average, one care pack currently costs approximately AUD$100 and provides emergency support for one family of approximately 5 to 10 people.

“As long as supporters are here to Stand With Myanmar, and our people in Myanmar are safe while delivering humanitarian aid, we are committed for the long haul,” Peter said.

“Myanmar’s people are resilient and generous, and right now they need our support,” he said.

“They need us to remember them in a climate where there are so many issues grabbing for our attention.”

The Stand With Myanmar fundraiser continues, targeting $50,000 by 30 November 2021. Funds raised are purchasing supplies for the emergency village care packs and contributing to other humanitarian support where possible.

Donations to Stand With Myanmar are fully flexible to the amount and frequency that best suits supporters. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations can be made via our website.


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