Working with Graceworks Myanmar

As a former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar (Burma), I first encountered Peter Simmons some years ago when he asked for my advice about operating a humanitarian organisation dedicated to helping the young people of Myanmar who otherwise lacked almost every opportunity in their world.

Then as now, there was no doubting Peter’s absolute commitment and energy for this cause. I have watched and marvelled at how he has made Graceworks into a solid organisation undertaking an increasing range of grass-roots humanitarian activities in and around the former capital Rangoon/Yangon.

Graceworks Myanmar is a remarkable achievement... focused on delivering real results and tangible benefits to those it helps.

Peter has a clear agenda: he wants others to understand, share and participate in his passion for humanitarian support in Myanmar. He knows the challenges, realises the risks, and is determined not to be daunted by difficulties and frustrations. He also appreciates the rewards, not personal but for others, that can be attained.

Graceworks Myanmar is a remarkable achievement worthy of being introduced to newcomers to humanitarian works. It is essentially a modest undertaking, focused on delivering real results and tangible benefits to those it helps. It aspires to bigger and better things, yet reaches ordinary people by offering them practical goals and opportunities that would otherwise not be theirs. Its underpinning is the innermost decency of people striving to help one another.

Graceworks Myanmar is not about self congratulation or enjoying advantage over others, but about the equality of spirit and the hopes that all people have that they can lead better lives.

Trevor Wilson
Canberra ACT
February 2009