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GWM is focused on delivering lasting development support to local partner organisations and, sustainably, to local communities. We intentionally works on community development focussing on five key domains: education, health, livelihoods, peacebuilding and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

GWM Who We Are

Community Development is a grassroots, bottom-up community initiative based on community leadership and action. It seeks to empower individuals and communities with the agency required to meet their basic human needs, analysing and planning together to improve their living conditions.

At the core of community development is a process of empowerment, central to people identifying and addressing the complex problems they face due to entrenched disadvantage—achieved through an educative process, in which people trapped in poverty and oppression are helped to become aware of the nature of the issues they face, and the steps they can take to overcome them.

The overall objective of community development is to empower individuals and communities to solve their own problems, primarily with resources they can access themselves, by developing new understanding and skills. It seeks to help communities and individuals find the agency required to take control of their own futures, identifying the assets and resources they have available (including via social capital networks), and using these to solve key problems and issues which challenge them.

Community development helps build capacity and partners with communities for long-term value, to enable personal empowerment and community driven development.

Projects are delivered via one of three approaches – with GWM as the implementing partner (ie major stakeholder), as a collaborating partner, or solely as a donor. Each approach is underpinned by our development philosophy: that sustainability demands local ownership.

GWM conduct a risk management plan and environmental scan for its projects considering its impact on all aspects of community development.

Whilst much of GWM’s work is project based, we work toward broad goals and maximising potential synergies.

GWM has analysed its past performance and progress and defined our value proposition in order to understand the factors critical to a meaningful, long-term development contribution: GWM adds value to communities and individuals, and to the breadth of existing local and international NGOs, through differentiation as a lean, specialist, grassroots connector.

GWM currently has programs or projects in:

  • Yangon Division (primary)
  • Mandalay Division
  • Rakhine State
  • Chin State
  • Magway Division



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"Let me do all the good I can, to all the people I can, for I shall not pass this way again"

~John Wesley