Board Members

Veronica Faggotter

Veronica (Ronnie) Faggotter - Chairperson

Ronnie has worked in the private and public sectors, as a small business owner and within Public Housing for over twenty years covering a broad range of roles. In 2005 she was appointed to the role of Director of the State Recovery Office for the South Australian Government until retirement in 2019.
The key focus of her work was to support communities following a disaster and increase the State’s disaster recovery capacity and the resilience of communities. In 2011 Ronnie was included in the South Australian Women’s Honour Roll for her work in emergency management. In 2017, she received the Local Government Association – Jim Hullick Award for outstanding collaboration with local government in the area of recovery. Ronnie is currently the Fund Administrator for the South Australian State Emergency Relief Fund.

Des Collinson

Des Collinson - Treasurer

Des Collinson is the Treasurer of Graceworks Myanmar. He is founding partner of a chartered accountancy business in Adelaide and has been in practice for 40 years. As Treasurer he oversees the corporate governance of GWM and the implementation of its vision. He is a director of Australia Medic Alert Foundation and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Peter Simmons

Peter Simmons - Founder & CEO

Peter Simmons is the CEO of GWM which he founded in March 2004. He is an Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and has served on the board of Teen Challenge Victoria and as Chairman of Youth for Christ Victoria. He has an extensive business background and is former winner of the Collie Trust Foundation scholarship. He has a Masters in International and Community Development.

Rob Cunningham

Rob Cunningham

Rob Cunningham is a social research, impact and evaluation consultant. Rob's experience spans 20 years, specialising in trauma based work in the child protection and youth mental health field. He has had extensive experience providing psychosocial support in emergency and disaster settings in Australia and internationally. Rob has worked as part of Australian Government responses to international disasters including the shooting down of Malaysian Flight (MH17) in Ukraine (2014), Evacuation of Lebanon (2006), London terrorist bombing (2005) working under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as the lead agency. Today Rob’s practice and research interests focus on developing and evaluating innovative social change programs, with a focus on populations experiencing trauma and disadvantage in emergency, post-conflict and resettlement settings. He is currently undertaking a PHD exploring the long term impact of sport-for-development programs on young people from post-conflict settings'.

Zoe Solomon

Zoe Solomon

Zoe has a Bachelor of Psychology and Graduate Certificate of International and Community Development (ICD) and is currently completing postgraduate studies in management and a Master of ICD. She has worked in executive administration and project roles within several not-for-profit organisations, including GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM). Zoe has also spent time in Myanmar, working with GWM partners and staff on the ground. She has experience in grant writing, donor relations, project management, fundraising, sales and marketing, and cross-cultural communication and currently works as a Compliance Manager.

Sharon Green

Sharon Green- Secretary to the Board

Sharon joined GWM in January 2020 and resides in Geelong. Sharon has a BSc in Biological Science and worked as a medical scientist in the Pathology industry prior to having a family. She has an extensive administrative career working within the health sector.

 Dr Anthony Ware

Dr Anthony Ware - Consultant

Dr Anthony Ware is Senior Lecturer in International and Community Development at Deakin University. He is author or co-author of 25 peer-reviewed academic papers, and author/editor of 4 books - including 'Myanmar's Rohingya Conflict', published by Oxford Uni Press and Hurst in 2018. Anthony does extensive research into development in conflict affected situations, and everyday peace formation, particularly in Myanmar. He has extensive research experience, including around conflict zones and actors in Myanmar. Now resident in Melbourne and travelling regularly to Myanmar, he lived in the region almost a decade and has significant key informant networks. He is a strategic advisor to GraceWorks Myanmar, and contributes strongly to the training and leadership of GraceWorks Myanmar's Community Development Education program.


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