Cherish the Memories : Influence the Future

This is the story of an idea, a thought that became an inspiration that travelled beyond the borders of convention, where curiosity became the starting place for a journey that changed a community  forever.                      

It was through the simple principle of sowing a seed, that a generous Graceworks supporter who through his curiosity and imagination, was visiting the community the day the land became available and decided that this was his opportunity to influence and invest.                                                                                                                                                      Marginalised communities have been robbed of the most basic of human rights: running water, health services, poor shelter and sub-standard education.  Food is scarce; many having one meal a day and often succumbing to simple ailments such as a cold, with little if any medication available.                                                                                                    With no government support and prohibitive restrictions placed on NGO’s by local authorities, the outlook was bleak and uninviting for outsiders to influence.

From a little shelter where Graceworks had established a presence with our local partner, an opportunity to purchase a small plot of land became available. Finance was not readily accessible as funds were exhausted and only a miracle could facilitate the purchase of the land….                                                                                                                                                          Please CLICK ON THIS LINK to see the complete story……Graceworks_PrintedArticle_March2016_2_ 

New Deakin University partnership

Graceworks Myanmar (GWM) CEO Peter Simmons this week signed a three year partnership agreement with Deakin University (Melbourne) to facilitate research into conflict,socio-political & economic dynamics in the Rhakine State, Myanmar.

The lead researchers are Dr Anthony and Dr Vicki Ware.
Dr Anthony recently joined the GWM board of directors and implemented the first CDE program in 2013.

In signing the agreement, Mr Simmons explained that this partnership will enhance the International profile of GWM as a leader in community-led development,as the research will provide a greater understanding of conflict resolution in the expansion of GWM’s community development education (CDE) program specifically in the Rhakine State.

GWM recently opened an office in the Rhakine capital, Sittway to facilitate the expansion of the CDE program.
Dr Anthony was an observer during the recent elections and the following links are 2 of his recent papers on political development in the Rhakine State.……

Should you require any further information on GWM’s development work in the Rhakine please email: