Welcome to GWM

GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM) is a non-denominational community development organisation. We partner with local organisations and individuals who are working in communities, helping them achieve improvement and sustainability in their quality of life.

Through education, health, community wellbeing, and livelihood initiatives, we invest in practical programs and projects. We emphasise building capacity and long-term relationships with local partners to play our role in empowering people in Myanmar to achieve sustainable development.

Our operations build on more than a decade of working with local communities. This is enabled by grants and philanthropic gifts from organisations based on Australia, the UK and Myanmar, corporate partnerships, and the generous financial and volunteer contributions of private supporters in Australia.




Graceworks Myanmar Bike Ride 2017

Join Graceworks Myanmar in November 2017 for an adventure of a lifetime, cycling through Myanmar while supporting the work of the organization. In joining this trip, you’ll not only challenge yourself with a multi-day cycle,  but raise awareness and funds for an important cause.  Take on the fund raising challenge with the help of INSPIRED […]

Cherish the Memories : Influence the Future

This is the story of an idea, a thought that became an inspiration that travelled beyond the borders of convention, where curiosity became the starting place for a journey that changed a community  forever.                       It was through the simple principle of sowing a seed, that […]

New Deakin University partnership

Graceworks Myanmar (GWM) CEO Peter Simmons this week signed a three year partnership agreement with Deakin University (Melbourne) to facilitate research into conflict,socio-political & economic dynamics in the Rhakine State, Myanmar. The lead researchers are Dr Anthony and Dr Vicki Ware. Dr Anthony recently joined the GWM board of directors and implemented the first CDE […]


2016 Graceworks Myanmar Charity Golf Day

                                                                                      Just recently held, the annual Graceworks Myanmar 2016 Annual Charity Golf day was […]

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