GWM has built a medical clinic in a very poor community on an island close to Yangon, servicing a population of approximately 10,000 people who have had little access to medical care.

The Australian Embassy in Yangon provided funding through the ‘Direct Assistance Program’ (DAP) to enable the clinic to be built.

The clinic will be fully operational in mid 2014 providing much needed maternal and child health services. Regular health checks have been conducted in several impoverished communities resulting in a number of adults and orphaned children being supported for corrective surgery.

GWM conducts mobile medical clinics in children’s homes and rural locations, reaching families and children, some of whom have never received a medical check-up.

Supported by local medical teams and visiting overseas doctors, the challenge to reach the marginalised and chronically poor communities remains a focus of our health initiatives.

Medical clinic requires further internal fit-out


Mobile Medical Clinics

In conducting mobile medical clinics, patients are given health checks and often referred to appropriate specialists. Those requiring surgery are supported by GWM medical funding.

Mobile chemist                                                 Mobile clinic

This young orphaned boy was born with a serious deformity to his pelvis and legs. As he grew, the weight of his body caused his legs to become bowed and eventually he was unable to walk. After 3 operations, in which his legs were broken and reset and his hips surgically adjusted, he has made a remarkable recovery. He now attends school and can play sport.


"Poor places keep people poor,
And poor places also kill"

~Dying for Change