Community Wellbeing

Community well being covers our work with childrens homes, children at risk and community development education.

GWM has a long history in engaging with children at risk particularly after Cyclone Nargis and the ethnic conflict wars between the Karen peoples group and the Burmese military.
GWM has never establish or managed an orphanage, our philosophy being that we are best to serve alongside proven and accomplished local leaders who have demonstrated a capacity to care and nurture marginalised children.

Our most recent achievement has been the building of a new facility for a desperately poor childrens home ‘Immanuel House’. The new building has been renamed to honour one of GWM’s most dedicated supporters Lyne Gray who tragically passed away on 14 July 2011.
Lyne and her supporters together with the I-Hope foundation in Queensland provided much of the funding for the new building.


Lyne Gray – 20 June 1966 – 14 July 2011     Children from Lyne Gray Home


From this                                                          to this 



Community development education (CDE) is about engaging with poor and marginalised peoples, through a detailed training program which equips and empowers local communities to take ownership of their resources at a grass roots level. It is a ‘bottom up’ approach which is contrary to the traditional model of giving hand outs and resources from a ‘top down’ or hand out mentality that is not sustainable and ultimately locks people into a poverty cycle.

GWM’s CDE program is a highly participatory, Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) program. It releases trained facilitators into poor communities to facilitate community-led development processes. Through its integrated, holistic approach, communities plan and implement culturally-appropriate, locally-driven projects with the flexibility to span any sector. Importantly, projects are based on community priorities…built around local assets and resources…rather than being dependent on outside support (often foreign support). They go beyond infrastructure and service provision to include projects that strengthen social capital.

CDE is designed to rebuild hope and entrepreneurial imagination, empowering communities to overcome poverty, disease and marginalisation by mobilising their innate potential, resources and relationships. In this way, CDE helps people envision and implement positive changes in their communities. In many cases, this foundational work enables the creation of new community-based organisations (CBOs). GWM’s program follows six broad stages:


Community Development in Action

Community planning meetings


             Constructing a walkway                                              Laying a pipe                      

Construction of a school building


GWM has 29 full time workers across 4 different states deployed as facilitators in local communities as highlighted in the map below:


Education Projects
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"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer